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Annual Party of 2010
2011/2/23 15:20:46     source: 
CCL Shanghai held our Annual Party on 8th January 2011 at the Guomen Hotel. The theme of this year’s party was “Celebrating CCL Future” and was gaily attended by all Management & Staff of CCL Shanghai. Festivities for the evening started after welcome speech by our  General Manager, Harry Chang, and CCL Group Managing Director, Xie Ke Wei, with many fun filled events accompanying a scrumptious dinner helping to liven up the evening. Singing competition unearthed hidden talents within CCL Shanghai family members while dancing and the more active events kept everyone on their feet and warm from the cold winter night. A fun night indeed with everyone in CCL Shanghai well and truly refreshed and looking forward to a new year of 2011!

1.   the handsome hosts & beautiful hostesses

2. the GM of CCL SHA Mr. Harry Chang

3. The MD of CCL group, Mr. Xie Ke Wei

4.new comers’ team

5.the Champion of sings match

6.the runner-up

7.the second runner-up

Hula hoops contest.